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Sea Hawkers Website News:


- New changes to our field passes, please check out the Field Pass area for more information.

- Updates made to information about reporting chapter membership numbers.

- Page added for Sea Hawkers discounts under the Sea Hawker Booster Club Info tab.

                             ~ Sea Hawkers at Training Camp 2016 ~

                         ~ Sea Hawkers 2016 Annual Banquet Photos ~



NEW Sea Hawker's LOGO DESIGN guidelines and important dates:


As you all have heard we are needing to design a new Sea Hawkers LOGO. We want your help! We've turned this into a contest that many may want to join - THE FINALIST WINS an Autographed Kam Chancellor Replica Helmet from the Seahawks and Central Council.


Please be sure to follow the guidelines below and send your submissions to: CentralCouncil@seahawkers.org


The new logo should not incorporate trademarks/copyrights belonging to the Seattle Seahawks and/or NFL. Seahawks Trademarks include, but are not limited to, SEATTLE SEAHAWKS, SEAHAWKS, 12, 12S, THE 12S, SPIRIT OF 12, WE ARE 12, BRING ON THE 12, GO HAWKS, LEGION OF BOOM, and our jersey design (including the feather pattern design).


As for the dates:

June 24th (9am): Final Logo submissions DUE
June 24th (noon): Logos sent to Seahawks for approval to vote on.


All Below dates - POSTPONED due to waiting approvals from legal.


Date TBD: Sea Hawkers voting 
 - Central Council / Seahawks final voting
 - Announce to winner and obtain legal rights to new logo
 -  Announce Logo winner to public & start production on new merchandise, website, business cards, etc..


(This will be emailed to all Chapter Presidents to pass along to their members.)