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Sea Hawkers Website News:


- Winner chosen for new Logo Design of Sea Hawkers Booster Club!

- New changes to our field passes, please check out the Field Pass area for more information.

- Updates made to information about reporting chapter membership numbers.

- Page added for Sea Hawkers discounts under the Sea Hawker Booster Club Info tab.

Congratulations Gordon Currie

Designer of the new Sea Hawkers Booster Club Logo!!!


The Sea Hawkers would like to thank everyone who submitted a design, they all were wonderful, but at last...there could only be one winner. Gordon won not only a Kam Chancellor autographed helmet, but his logo will be the new vision for our Sea Hawkers Booster Club. 



Important Notice for new logo usage:
Please all chapters, until Central Council gets a new Branding Styling Guide created and the proper usage of our new logo, DO NOT start printing or creating any marketing items with it until further notice!!
Thank you for your patience!


                             ~ Sea Hawkers at Training Camp 2016 ~

                         ~ Sea Hawkers 2016 Annual Banquet Photos ~