U.S. Military Sea Hawkers

President: Traci Williams

VP of Communications and Membership: Brandan Schulze


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Contact Email: USMilitary@SeaHawkers.org


This chapter of the Sea Hawkers was formed for the men and women of our United States Military Services. Are you in the military and LOVE the Seahawks? Are your feathers ruffled because you can't go to the games, or you are stationed somewhere that only sub-par football, or worse yet, NO football is shown on TV?? Are you tired of listening to your comrades brag about their ate-up team and you have no info to throw back at them about our great Seahawks??? Then the Military Sea Hawkers chapter is for you!


You'll receive periodic emails, gifts, updates, and pictures from the President of the chapter and the Seahawks headquarters staff. You'll also be eligible for ALL Sea Hawker "perks"!


Membership dues have been waived by Central Council as a small THANK YOU for your service to this great country! If you would like to join the Military chapter of the Sea Hawkers Booster Club, please contact Brandan Schulze, listed above, with the following information:

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