Sea Hawkers Code of Unity

To unify our members with five leading principles that
align with the Sea Hawkers’ Mission, Vision & Purpose and to
partner with the Core Values of the Seahawks organization.

To engage with all chapters worldwide, participate in meet ups and watch parties, when possible, further our shared devotion to charitable activities, recruit future Sea Hawkers to advance the organization, and support the Seattle Seahawks.

To promote Sea Hawkers’ inclusivity by creating a sense of family within our organization all year long. To expand our fellowship to away games and broaden our support of other local teams and organizations.


To promote authenticity, respect, equity and inclusivity among all our members. This is HOW WE 12!

To cultivate trust, encourage member and chapter interaction while supporting each chapter’s best practices, and engage community partners to raise team awareness globally.

To practice transparency throughout our organization, be responsive, listen to each other and be respectful. To share information through all avenues including social media, email, in-person and virtual meetings.

Social Media & Podcast

Check out the Sea Hawkers Podcast, presented by the Military Sea Hawkers!

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