Sea Hawker of the Year



Nominations are open to all current paid members for the year nominated.


Nominations must pertain only to what this Sea Hawker has done to support the Booster Club and the Seahawks Organization during the calendar year involved (Jan.1 thru Dec.31, 2019).


Nominations MUST be sent to no later than Deadline: April 22nd, 2020


To support keeping nominations anonymous, please explain why your nominee should be considered for the Sea Hawker of the Year award in a maximum of 12 one-sentence bullet points as described below. Bullet points must contain no more than 100 characters:

  • Nominee’s name, gender, chapter name, board position if applicable, region area (cities/towns, states, and countries) are NOT be used in the text of Bullet points.
  • Bullet points are NOT to include dollar amounts raised by the nominee during the nomination year. (due to the vast economic diversity in the different demographic areas of our existing chapters)
  • How they have impacted your community and chapter
  • Report hours of volunteering services at/for Sea Hawker themed events (nominee is representing the Sea Hawkers at a said event volunteering)


Please use the document below which contains the full guidelines and nomination form.


Sea Hawker of the Year
Nomination Guidelines and Form
SeaHawker of the Year.docx
Microsoft Word document [39.1 KB]


This year our Sea hawker of the Year plaque is displayed on the ground floor at the VMAC!


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