Seahawks Talent and Donation Requests

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Talent and Donation requests are no longer handled through the Sea Hawkers VP-Liaison, they are submitted directly through the Seahawks website (effective June 2017).


Seahawks “talent” includes the following: Sea Gals, Blitz, Blue Thunder, Legends and Players.


Requests for an autographed item for a special charitable event can only be handled through our VP-Liaison, Candy Johns you can reach her at


Chapters that hold events where they would like to have Seahawks Talent participate may make a request using the links below. 


Please be mindful that filling out any of the requests below does not guarantee fulfillment.


The Seahawks receive an overwhelming number of Talent requests. To ensure the best possible chance of having your request filled:


  1. Chapter presidents must submit requests for verification purposes.
  2. Put Sea Hawkers [your chapter name] as the reference code.
  3. Submit your requests no less than eight weeks prior to the event date.
  4. Use the online links only; paper, fax, email or telephone requests are not accepted.



Seahawks Dancers, Blitz, Boom, Blue Thunder, Legends, Players

Please request here


Out-of-State Donation Requests: Chapters outside of the Northwest also need to contact Candy Johns at 


Seahawks Legend 

Blue Thunder 

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