Emerald Isle Sea Hawkers

Serving Ireland and surrounding areas

Established as a Trial Chapter in March 2023, and voted in as a full chatper April, 2024.


Chapter Board Members:

President: Ron Bradshaw

Vice President: Cian Crowdy

Secretary: Cian Crowdy

Treasurer: Alan Kennedy

VP Communication: Conor Tyrell

Graphic Designer: Derek Matthews


Contact Email: emeraldisle@seahawkers.org

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The Emerald Isle Sea Hawkers Chapter was approved in March 2023 as a trial chapter, and was principally set up to cater to the Irish Seahawks fan base. There was always talk of setting up the group for several years, but it wasn’t until the Munich game where most of the founding members were able to meet up and get the momentum going on setting up the chapter.

The club runs various competitions throughout the year with one of the main prizes on offer being an authentic signed item. We also organize a few social meets throughout the season, especially in connection with the college games in Dublin in August.

Happy to welcome or give tips to any Sea Hawkers that travel to Ireland.

Bhac Abú (Go Hawks as gaelige)

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