NW Seattle Sea Hawkers

Serving Ballard/NW Seattle, WA and surrounding areas

Established as a Home Chapter in December 2014

President: David Moody

Vice President: Stephen Taylor

VP Membership: Paul Herbord

Secretary: Alice Smith

At Large: Mary Lou Newbold

Entertainment: Karen Hauger


Contact Email: NWSeattle@SeaHawkers.org


Check us out on:



12s Care Facebook


Mailing Address:

NW Seattle Sea Hawkers

c/o David Moody

2003 South 216th Street

Unit 98728 

Des Moines, WA  98198 




Until further notice, meeting announcements are posted on Facebook and pinned to the top of the chapter's page. Our previous meeting location is no longer in business and we are in the process of finding a new meeting space in the North Seattle area.


NW Seattle Sea Hawkers meetings are family-friendly  The Facebook page will always have updates and, as needed, changes to meeting dates and times.

Social Media & Podcast

Check out the Sea Hawkers Podcast, presented by the Military Sea Hawkers!


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