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Nominations Sought for Board Positions


Sea Hawkers Central Council is governed by volunteers holding one of ten board positions, of which eight positions are elected by representatives of the full membership. Elections are held each December for four positions. Elected candidates begin their term the following January.


Positions Open:


VP Liaison


VP Entertainment 


The document below provides more details as do the full ByLaws of Sea Hawkers Central Council.


Please send nominations (Candidate's Name, Email Address and Position of interest) to Past-President@SeaHawkers.org.


2017 Sea Hawkers Central Council Board E[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [27.2 KB]

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Sea Hawkers take the field on Nov 5, Seahawks vs. Redskins

So, what is a Sea Hawker anyway?


Sea Hawkers - (SEE hawk-erz) n. pl. The most passionate, hardcore, devoted, cheer-crazy, raisin' the roof, no life during football season havin' fans on earth!!!


Our purpose is to have fun while supporting the Seahawks players and organization, and support various local charities. We are a volunteer organization run by and for Seahawks fans - fans like you!