• Our Mission: To make the world a better place by raising awareness and funds for charities in the spirit of the 12s.
  • Our Vision: To create chapters across the globe in support of helping every community realize their own spirit of the 12s.
  • Our Purpose: Through volunteerism, to support the Seattle Seahawks organization, players and families, fans and communities.

Welcome to the Sea Hawkers Booster Club!

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Sea Hawker Annual Banquet

Sea Hawker Banquet has been postponed...


Donate to Sea Hawkers Central Council, a registered 501c3!

Welcome Home 12's week in Seattle!

Sea Hawkers chapters fans from across the globe were helped raise a 12 Flag in their hometowns this week as we celebrate Welcome Home 12's Week in honor of our Home opener!  See more information about the week's festivities here.

Hear Our Deafening Roar!

                                               SEA HAWKER UPDATES

Kirkland Mayor Talks COVID-19 Response and Building Community

In her first year as mayor, Mayor Penny Sweet never expected that she would be leading her community of Kirkland through a global pandemic. The first novel coronavirus case in the United States was discovered in Kirkland. Mayor Sweet shares her experience working across government to protect citizens while responding to novel coronavirus. Read the Q&A here.

    Sea Hawker's Rookie of the Year nominations...extended

Who will be ROOKIE of the year for 2019?
Last year, it was punter, Michael Dickson, who will it be this year?

It is time for you to vote for 2019’s Rookie of the year. Your chapter rep will send out the list, and you should choose one (1). An email will be going out March 7, to your Chapter Rep, along with the list of Rookies to vote on. Chapter Reps must email the result to VP-At-Large@Seahawkers.org no later than June 1, 2020. Any questions, please contact Gary Holden, VP-At-Large. 

             Sea Hawker of the year nominations...

Who will be SEA HAWKER of the year for 2019?

Nominations for 2019 Sea Hawker of the year has been extended thru the end of September. The Nomination form can be retrieved under ‘Booster Club Info’ above. Please forward your nominations to VP-At-Large@Seahawkers.org . The 2019 SHOTY will be recognized at the 2021 Sea Hawker Banquet alongside the 2020 SHOTY. 

UK Sea Hawkers 15-Year Celebration

The UK Chapter planned to celebrate in May, but COVID-19 shut that down. Instead, we held a Zoom Celebration on July 25! Attendees from the UK Chapter were Cedric Auchere, Melanie Hardman, Stuart Court, Michael Herring, Terry Peppard, Andy Donnelly and of course the ONE AND ONLY SEAN WILSON. In attendance from US Chapters were Pat Ford Snohomish County Sea Hawkers, Alena Edin Whatcom, Enrique Plascencia from the Latino Sea Hawkers, Elise Robinson, VP-Entertainment, Sue Farley Treasurer, Yolanda Morgan President, and Candy Johns. We welcomed 3 very special guests: Mike Flood, Community Outreach Director Seattle Seahawks, the bird with feathers BLITZ and the one and only Legend JIM ZORN. Click to read more!

Our Thanksgiving message to you...

Here's sending all of you our own personal messages this Thanksgiving holiday…

From the desk of Alena Edin, VP-Membership

Supporting each other as Sea Hawkers is so important and something we are thankful for during this time, so thank you.

Stay safe, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!??


— Alena



From the desk of Sue Farley, Treasurer

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  GO HAWKS!!!!

— Sue



From the desk of Brian Deren, Parliamentarian

Happy Holidays Sea Hawkers!


It's been a strange year, but there seems to be a bit of light coming from the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we will be back to normal soon and can all get together again to enjoy watching and supporting our team and communities as much as we have in the past.


I am looking forward to next year and the changes we are making to be a STRONGER and more UNIFIED organization.


Stay safe, stay healthy and GO HAWKS!!!

— Brian



From the desk of Gary Holden, VP-At-Large

Wishing all Sea Hawkers Worldwide a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Keep sharing the Sea Hawker love and kindness to our fellow humans.

Safe travels to you all and "Happy Trails"

— Gary Holden



From the desk of Elise Jones, VP-Entertainment & Interim VP-Liaison

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your loved ones to the fullest and be safe!

— Elise


From the desk of Yolanda Morgan, President

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you near and far!

Although our world has seen so much tragedy, turmoil, unrest and divisiveness in the last 9 months, I am still hopeful and I am still thankful.

Reach out to those less fortunate this holiday season, let them know you care, for this is what our organization does – we serve our communities and cheer on our Hawks.
— Yolanda



From the desk of Paul Gates, Past President

To all the families together and apart, wishing you all a safe and heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving!

— Paul

So, what is a Sea Hawker anyway?


Sea Hawkers - (SEE hawk-erz) n. pl. The most passionate, hardcore, devoted, cheer-crazy, raisin' the roof, no life during football season havin' fans on earth!!!


Our purpose is to have fun while supporting the Seahawks players and organization, and support various local charities. We are a volunteer organization run by and for Seahawks fans - fans like you!


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