Pre-Game Field Pass Procedures

One of the most exciting benefits of being a member of the Sea Hawkers Booster Club is the possibility of getting to go down on the field to watch our team warm up before a home game.  A limited number of Pre-Game Field Passes are allotted to the Sea Hawkers for each home game. Those passes are divided between all our Chapters and notifications are sent to the Chapter Presidents. Chapter Presidents then pick Chapter Members to go on the field and provide names to the VP-Liaison by Monday for Sunday/Monday games.  Example: Deadline for a game on Sunday December 17th would be Monday December 11th.  In the event there is a game on a different day of the week, the VP-Liaison will advise what the deadline will be via email to the chapters that have passes for that game.


THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.  If names are not provided to the VP-Liaison by the stated deadline it will result in the passes being reassigned to another chapter.  Due to NFL security procedures at CenturyLink, we are required to provide the names of our members to the Seahawks in advance so it is of utmost importance to meet our deadlines to prevent the loss of our passes.


There are typically two passes assigned to each chapter per season. It is up to each chapter to decide how those passes are allocated. Some do contests while others do drawings. Be creative and HAVE FUN with this. Requests for field passes will be accepted ONLY from the chapter presidents and ONLY via email. Requests made via phone call, text or social media will not be considered.



Please understand and agree to the following guidelines before expecting to take the field.


PROPER PLANNING: Recipients of field passes need to check in with the VP-Liaison in the Sea Hawkers area of Touchdown City NO LESS than 2 hours before scheduled kick off time of each game for further instruction.  Failure to do so will result in loss of passes.  It’s better to get there early and experience Touchdown City activities or visit with fellow Sea Hawkers than lose your passes.  Don’t let planes, trains and automobiles interfere with this special experience.


1) MEMBERS ONLY: Be a member of the Sea Hawkers Booster Club.  ALL who have been assigned a pass must show proof of their Sea Hawkers club membership in the form of a Sea Hawkers membership card as well as photo ID with name that matches that card, and the name provided to the VP-Liaison.

2) TICKETS: Game day tickets are not included, you must have a ticket to the game. You will not be allowed to enter CenturyLink Field without a ticket to the football game.

3) ATTIRE: If you are wearing an opposing team jersey you WILL NOT be allowed on the field for pre-game practice. No exceptions will be given.

4) HONOR: When going on the field don't be under the influence of any substance. Please remember you are representing the Sea Hawkers Booster Club and the Seattle Seahawks.  Anyone appearing to be under the influence will forfeit their pass.


5) RESPECT: Once you get on the field, members must stay in the assigned area. It is okay to take still photographs (except of the field passes), but NO videos of practice. You may NOT ask players or coaches for photos or autographs, let them focus on winning the game.


Most importantly - HAVE FUN!!!


Sea Hawkers take the field on December 17,

Seahawks vs. Rams