San Antonio Seahawker's



President: Priscilla Brown

Vice president: Andrea Phillips

Member at large: Dennis Lott

Member at Large: Brenda Phillips


Contact Us: SanAntonio@Seahawkers.org








Meetings: Are held the 2nd Saturday in May, July, and September. They are at 2:00 pm at

Dave and Busters 440 Crossroads Blvd. San Antonio TX 78201


Game Day: Come watch the game with us at Hawx Burger 289 Thousand Oaks San Antonio TX


About Us: San Antonio Sea Hawkers are here to unite all of the 12’s in San Antonio and surrounding cities.  Our goal is to make you feel like we are your home away from Seattle.  We welcome fans of all ages.  If you would like to become a member, we would love to have you!
We are a group of 50+ Seahawk fans living in the San Antonio area.  Many are originally from Washington while others are die hard fans from all over.  It is not uncommon for us to yell “Go Hawks” or high-five each other during awesome plays, and we all love to talk football, Seattle, and anything Seahawks related.
Annual dues are $15 for individual and $25 for family of 4 if paying in person. ( Pay pal sign up is $16 individual and $26 for a family.)  We give you a membership card, collectible poker chip, wrist bands, and you receive all of the benefits of being a member such as visiting tailgate zone at home games when you visit Seattle, opportunity to attend the Sea hawker banquet in Seattle as well as annual club picnic, come to our club meetings, going to our annual local membership party, and many local parties we host to celebrate our hawks like……. draft day celebration, all the pre season games, regular season games,  pro bowl party, super bowl party, and summer fun events.
Aside from weekly watch parties, we come together as a group to help out the community with events like collecting food bank donations, homeless shelter donations, pet-a-thon drive, Christmas toy drive, just to name a few.
Priscilla, Andrea, Brenda and Dennis are always available for any questions, and we look forward to seeing you soon!
Go Hawks!