Vegas Sea Hawkers

Las Vegas Nevada

Vegas Sea Hawkers President - Ron Pendergrass


Phone: (702) 812-9222

Vice President - Steve Lawlis

Secretary - Marla Goldberg

Secretary - Sheree Pendergrass


Send Membership Dues to: 6947 Clearwater Ave Las Vegas NV 89147


We are the Vegas Sea Hawkers and as the name implies, we   reside in the “entertainment capital of the world”. Our base   is Southern Nevada, but we welcome any and all from our   neighboring states! Most of our members are “transplants”   from various parts of the country, but our passion for the   Seahawks is second to none.

Gamedays at:
Scooter's Pub
Approxiamtely one hour before gametime
6200 South Rainboe Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
"On Rainbow in between Russell and the 215"
(702) 227-9047

To Join the Vegas Sea Hawkers fill out the Membership Form below and mail it to the attached address.

Vegas Sea Hawker Membership Form
Adobe Acrobat document [91.4 KB]