UK Sea Hawkers

President: Deano Galione

Secretary: Jed Parisi

Membership Officer: Mick Herring -


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Our Chapter was approved in June 2004 and was principally set up to cater to the UK Seahawks fan base. However, since our inception the membership has expanded to include Italian, Danish, and Australian fans.

It's appreciated that being over 5,000 miles from Seattle is not ideal for making the most from the various benefits on offer - However, it does hopefully still make you feel more associated to the team and franchise as a whole.


The club runs various competitions throughout the year with one of the main prizes on offer being an authentic signed football. We also organize a few social meets throughout the season, especially in connection with the International Series games that are held at Wembley every October.  


To join our Chapter, please email our Membership Officer, Mick Herring, listed above.