Spokane Sea Hawkers

Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers

Spokane Vallley Washington


Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers Website


President: Pat McDonald - dmcdzzz@hotmail.com / Contact: (509)-924-1535

Vice President: Linda Dykes

Secretary: Denny McDonald

Treasurer: Monica Hickman


Number of Current Members: 204 


Meetings: The 3rd Tuesday of every month at:



WA 99206

Meeting times: Social hour 6-7pm meeting 7-8pm


This club was formed as a spin-off of the original club (Spokane Sea Hawkers), founded by J. Ward O’Reilly over 20 years ago.  The club was originally located in the Spokane Valley and through time geared more toward the North Side.  The fanatics in the Valley found it hard to make all of the meetings and functions, so we started the new club, Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers.  This club meets and functions in Spokane Valley where it is much easier for the members located in Spokane Valley , Cd’A, and Post Falls to attend events.  We welcome anyone who would like to become a member and invite you to our next General Meeting.

We do fun things such as game watches, bus trips, golf tournaments, poker nights and tons of other fun activities.  The club is non-profit and we support local charities as well.  If this sounds like your thing contact us today or come to a meeting, we would enjoy having you there.  Go Hawks!




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