Rocky Mountain Sea Hawkers

Denver Colorado

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President - Sharon Verschuyl-

 PO BOX 276  Brighton, CO 80601


The story of the Rocky Mtn. Sea Hawkers is not so different from other clubs. It started out innocent enough, but then grew into something that myself and my board of directors are very proud of. My name is Paul Gates, (Berniehawk). and I grew up in Olympia WA. I'm the president and co-founder of Rocky Mtn. Sea Hawkers and I live in Denver CO. My Vice Pres. is Ray Cardenas, (Hawkman Denver). He's from Walla Walla WA.

We work for the same company that, over the years transfered each of us from Denver to Oakland/San Francisco at different times. Always remaining Seahawk fans, we never knew eachother until gameday in Seattle about 3years ago when we finally crossed paths. We became fast friends, (both of us married to Bronco fans), and started discussing a local chapter. Through a Seahawk web site we met our third director Rich Werner, (Sinehawk) from Denver.

After about a year of paperwork, details, recruiting, and organizing, we were ready to present ourselves to Central Council for discussion. I received the call December 6th 2005, that we had been approved for Associate Chapter status. Now we have members from Montana to New Mexico. As well as California, Arizona, and even Tennessee. Some of our members have season tickets, and make the trip to Seattle for home games, as well as away games. Also Ray and I went to the Seahawks first, (but not last) Superbowl XL.

Our goal for the future is to be the best chapter we can, bring together as many Seahawk fans as possible, and when we're ready, put together some great charity events with the help of our Seattle Seahawks. GO HAWKS!!!

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