Rocky Mountain Sea Hawkers

Denver, CO

President/Treasurer: Sharon Verschuyl

Vice President/Liaison with Central Council: Paul Gates

Membership: Caylyn Tobin and Dale Schaefer

Secretary: Anastasia Quitiquit

Media/Communications: Rich Werner

Events: Scottie Fowler

NW Liaison (Olympia): Kat Shepp

At Large: Soo Ping Ng-Bronson


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 473535

Aurora, CO 80047


Rocky Mountain Sea Hawkers Facebook


In the ten years since RMSH was started, we've had amazing growth, gone to Super Bowls, and seen tough losses. But the Seahawk fans of Colorado have been awesome. We average 100 fans every week at our current home, the Blake Street Tavern in Denver. 

Chapter Memberships

Join our Chaper with an Indivdual Membership - $15.00

Join our Chapter with a Family Membership - $25.00