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President: Andy Lindenaar -
Chapter email address -
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday every month, location TBD    


Good day eh!

     We are very happy to have Sea Hawker representation north of the 49th, and south of Alaska! The Canadian Sea Hawkers will be a unique chapter in the Sea Hawker family as we will be having getogethers at multiple locations throughout the season simply due to the large areas our members will be drawn from!  We might also be the first chapter that will be holding meetings via the internet, making use of today's technology to bring all of our members together, even if they aren't able to leave their house! We currently have a website under construction that will include a   member's forum, a chat room and of course all the Seahawk news we can muster   up.  So, regardless of where you live, if you are looking to have some fun, meet   some wonderful Seahawk fans and be part of a Sea Hawkers chapter from the early days, the Canadian Sea Hawkers have a place for you! 


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