Sea Hawker of the Year




Nominations are open to all current paid members for the year nominated. Nomination form shall be available through presidents of each chapter and presented at a chapter meeting prior to March 15th of each calendar year.



Nominations must pertain only to what this Sea Hawker has done to support the Booster Club and the Seahawks organization during the calendar year Jan 1 thru Dec 31, 2016. Nominee’s name should not be used in the text. Text should be limited to 250 words or less. Can be done in bullet or essay form. Please use this form or a similar format when sending in your Sea Hawker of the Year Nomination.


Nominee Name ______________________________________ Year: 2016

Chapter ____________________________ Affiliation ________________

Nominator Name ______________________________________________









Nominations should be received by Central Council no later than March 15.

Email Nomination to:

Sea Hawker of the Year will be voted in at the April full Central Council meeting.