Seahawks Headquarters


The Seahawks Organization has been gracious enough to allow us to use and tour their training facility, please be respectful of their property so that we may be invited back again each year.


All Sea Hawkers must follow the instructions of the Seahawks staff and Sea Hawkers Central Council Board Members.


1. BBQ

  a. No drugs or alcohol.

  b. Stay off the grass, where clearly marked or stated.

  c. VMAC Tour

     i. Stay within your group at all times. Do not wander away from the room or area your tour guide has taken you to.

   ii. Do not leave any items behind (i.e. gifts for players/staff, trash, cameras, cell phones, etc.). The Seahawks and the Sea Hawkers are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

     iii. Do not touch equipment or belongings of players, staff or the VMAC facility.

     iv. Do not take anything that does not belong to you.

     v. Do not take photos of unauthorized areas.

     vi. Please help keep the area clean by using the provided receptacles.


2. Training Camp Membership Booth

  a. No drugs or alcohol.

  b. If you have volunteered your time to work the Training Camp Booth, please insure the majority of your time is spent assisting in membership signup.

  c. Please insure at least 2 members are running the booth at all times. Mutually agreed upon (by the working members breaks may be taken.

  d. Assistance in setup and teardown of the booth is required.

  e. Represent the Sea Hawkers Booster Club ONLY while working the booth. (No representations of other business or personal agenda, including sales of items).

  f. Decorations - limited to items provided or approved by Central Council Board.

     i. Approval process: Fill out "Display Item Approval Form", accessible on in the Rules/ Code of Conduct.

       1. One item per person household.

       2. Must contain Sea Hawkers Logo.

       3. Form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the proposed event via e-mail,

  g. Stay off the fields, where clearly marked or stated.

  h. Parking and shuttle rules must be followed, please refer to the e-mails sent regarding working the Training Camp Booth.


3. VIP Experience

  a. Please follow rules provided or stated by the Seahawks Organization and staff.

  b. Access is non-transferable.


4. Meetings

  a. The group enters and exits the meeting room together with an escort.

  b. If you use the restroom, please go straight there and straight back. No Wandering.