Seahawk Pre Game On-Field Pass

(All of the following is required)



The Sea Hawkers on-field pass is an honor and should be treated as such. Members abusing these opportunities may be asked to immediately leave the premises and risk having their Sea Hawkers Membership revoked.



1. Be a current member of the Sea Hawkers Booster club.


2. Must have a ticket to the game.


3. Meet at Sea Hawkers Booth in the convention center, also known as Touchdown City exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes before kick-off. DON’T BE LATE! If you are late you will forfeit your pass. If you check in and leave the area and are not there when we center up to go to the field you will forfeit your pass.


 4. BE A SEAHAWK FAN. If you are wearing an opposing team logo you will NOT be allowed on the pre game field tour. No exceptions will be given.


5. You must be twelve years of age or older to go on the field. Notify VP-Liaison prior to game day.


6. All who accept the on-field pass must show their current Sea Hawkers club membership card as well as valid form of ID (i.e. Student ID or Drivers License) that matches the card.


7. Must follow Sea Hawker Code of Conduct.